You choose a set

  • Choose a Four Species set from a variety of different sets


Choose a non-profit organization that you want to donate to

  • All of the profit derived from the set’s purchase will be transferred to the chosen organization

  • There’s an option to split the donation evenly among all the non-profit organizations that participate in the project

  • “Netinat Lulav” has no management expenses (all of its members are volunteers)


Choose a pick-up location

  • Before Sukkut there will be numerous points across the country in which you would be able to pick up your sets (the full list of pick-up locations)



  • The payment will be made by a credit card via a secured site. We guarantee that we won’t transfer your name and personal details to any external organization



*  This year there won’t be a shipment option as we would like to focus all of our efforts in the pick-up points. For your convenience we have added many locations this year in order to make the sets pickup process much easier.