"Netinat Lulav" is a non-profit organization which was established with the goal of providing an additional level to acquiring the Four Species: Giving Tzedakah.   We have created the opportunity to acquire the Four Species and donating to an organization of your choice.


Instead of the profits of the Four Species remaining in private hands, we recommend the additional value of the profits going to Tzedakah in order to full the words of Chazal: "A Mitzvah brings along another Mitzvah".

  • You are able to choose from various Sets.

  • The sets are under the Hashgacha of Ha-Rav Eliezer Simcha Weiss, Av Beit Din of Kefar Haroeh.  And the Etrogim are through the Otzar Beit Din.

  • This non-profit has no administrative costs (all of the people who work for it are volunteers).


* One is able to order Four Species through the website until Erev Yom Kippur.


How does it work?


You choose a set

  • Choose a Four Species set from a variety of different sets


Choose a non-profit organization that you want to donate to

  • All of the profit derived from the set’s purchase will be transferred to the chosen organization

  • There’s an option to split the donation evenly among all the non-profit organizations that participate in the project

  • “Netinat Lulav” has no management expenses (all of its members are volunteers)


Choose a pick-up location



  • The payment will be made by a credit card via a secured site. We guarantee that we won’t transfer your name and personal details to any external organization



*  This year there won’t be a shipment option as we would like to focus all of our efforts in the pick-up points. For your convenience we have added many locations this year in order to make the sets pickup process much easier.







Question: Where can I pick up the set I ordered?

Answer: You can pick up your order between Yom Kippur and Sukkot at the pick-up points which are spread throughout the country.


Question: How do I choose which organization I want to donate to?

Answer: The list of organizations appears under the heads "The amoutot".

During the course of the order you will be asked to which organization you want to donate the profits of your purchase.

Please note that the possibility exists to equally divide the profits between various participating organizations in this project.

Question: How can I change the pick-up station I chose??

Answer:  Contact us using the “contact” link. Make sure to include the details of your order and the pick-up station you would like to change to. When we have dealt with the change you will receive an email notification.

Question: How can I change the number of sets in my order?

Answer:  Unfortunately our system does not allow a change in the number of sets once an order has been placed. If you would like to change the number of sets once an order has been placed you must cancel the order using the “contact” link and then place a new order.

Question: Is it also possible to order a Mehardin Set?

Answer: Yes, during the course of the order you can choose which set you would like: Regular/ Mehudar/Mehudar Min Ha-Mehudar.


Question: What does the set include?

Answer: Lulav, Etrog, Arava and Hadas, Lulav holder and a Lulav case


Question: Is it possible to order a Yemenite Etrog?

Answer: Unfortunately, we are unable to supply Yemenite Etrogim this year.


Question: Who provides the Heksher?

Answer: The sets are under the Hashgacha of Ha-Rav Eliezer Simcha Weiss, Av Beit Din of Kefar Haroeh.  The Etrogim are through the Otzar Beit Din.

Question: Can I order an Etrog with or without a pitom ?

All of our Etrogim are, of course, strictly kosher. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a specific order will come with or without a pitom. 


Question: I got stuck during the order.  What can I do?

Answer: Under the heading "Contact Us" write your message and we will be in touch shortly.